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★Spatial optimization electrophoresis upgrade 
Innovate and optimize the interior space structure to enhance the carrying capacity. Specialized  bus chassis, unique engine start protection device, effectively reduction of the use cost. The structure of leaf spring suspension is strengthened, the structure of key parts is strengthened, the whole bus is pressed and formed, electrophoresis process is upgraded to make it strong and durable.
★Close design of human wisdom
Interior tonal pure and fresh simple but elegant, collocation reveals savour, contain everywhere special points with smartness. Reasonable and intimate layout, fashionable and comfortable seats, transparent and bright windows, cheerful interior space, optimized layout of seats, to create comprehensive promotiona for legs, elbow, top space . Let you in the comfort and pleasure of your travel, enjoy a happy time.

★Elegant modeling technology first
Elegant appearance makes the whole vehicle look elegant, with pretty front face looking, radian smooth full relaxation, every design detail permeates the new intimate and accurate with charming features.

Model HM6605LFD5J
Chassis model HFC6570KY1V
Model YC4FA115-50,WP3.7Q113E50,D25TCIE3,YC4FA130-50
Max.Output(kw/(r/min)) 85/3200,83/2900,92/3200,95/3200
Max.Torque(N.m/(r/min)) 300/1600~2400,320/1400-1800,325/1400~2700,340/1600-2400
Fuel type Diesel
Emission standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 Euro V
Basic Specification
Dimension(mm) 5996×2255×2815,2995
Tread FR/RR (mm) 1850/1600,1650
Wheelbase(mm) 3308
Overhand FR/RR (mm) 1152/1536
Curb Weight(kg) 3930,4050
Gross Weight(kg) 5535
Seats(With the driver)(person) 13-19
Max.Speed(km/h) 100
Tire 7.00R16,7.00-16LT,7.00R16LT
Leafspring FR/RR 11/10
Approaching/departure Angle(o) 18/17

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