"I started sketching faces when I was about eight years old". As a fine artist with both natural talent and professional training, Shawn utilized her skills in several mediums. Able to draw, paint and sculpt she adds much more talent than just technical computer skills to her work.

She has been retouching and restoring photographs for over 15 years, first using an etching technique learned from another skilled artist. The computer has enabled Shawn to perfect and expand the art of retouching and restoration of photographs to an extraordinary level of sophistication. She has also added graphic design and web site design to her outstanding artistic talents as a natural progression due to requests from her many clients.

"My experience retouching thousands of actors headshots over the years has taught me the art of what to retouch and what not to."

As we all know, computers allow us to digitally enhance an image without any virtual boundaries, and Shawn has mastered the art of 'realistic enhancement'.

"I truly love my work!"

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Located in

Los Angeles, California.

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